Modern, global, digital academy training

Blended learning platform and solutions for master instructors

Present your methodology through various forms of content in a virtual world-real world hybrid model to deliver to the consumer a true 'process oriented training approach'.

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Content, worksheets and libraries on tap

Offering a 'flipped classroom' approach which provides the learning material up-front for practice in the student’s own time, and a process to be followed.

The REX platform

The power of blended learning

The perfect balance of knowledge retention, reference materials and skill mastery, delivered together with coach/teacher interaction.

Blended Learning

The benefits of certification & training

Designed to efficiently teach, train, and certify instructors in your method or system of training.

The REX Academy approach

The completness of management services

We can run your Digital Infrastucture for you, or help get your team up to speed.

Management & consultation
Jim... How did you think of this? This is incredible USA – Hall of Fame Coach, David Leadbetter

Your white-labelled, blended learning academy awaits...

A la carte management, consultation, programs and content options available.

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